Leaving Amazon Feedback

The product feedback cycle is one of our most valuable assets, and leaving Amazon feedback is a snap! Product reviews are beneficial to both prospective customers, and for us, as a company. Positive feedback is nice to hear, and is a great way to support a brand or a product you feel great about, while critical feedback helps steer future revisions to current products, or even to help determine what product should come next. In that same light, the more we know about what our customers love about our products, the more we can focus on those aspects, and continue to deliver exceptional products that exceed expectations.

So, if you’ve never done it before, here’s how to leave an Amazon Review in a few easy steps…

First, you must be logged in to your Amazon account.

In the upper right hand corner of your browser, you’ll see “____’s Account” with¬†your name. This is where you access all your account settings.



Click on “Orders” and you will see a running history of all your Amazon orders:



Find the item you wish to leave a review for, and click the corresponding button for “Write a product review”

You’ll be taken to the product review dialog page, shown below:


Click on the number of stars you want to leave for the product. More stars in your review indicates a better review, meaning that if you love a product, you would leave it 5 stars.

You should also type a short explanation of your star count in the text area, where it says “Write your review here”.

When you’re all finished, you can just close the page. Amazon saves the review as you type, so there’s nothing else to do.